der Blaue Friedensrock M1895

The dark blue dress tunic Model-1895, der blauer Friedensrock M1895, was worn by Imperial German Army forces during the peacetime era leading up to the Great War. The image (right) depicts Saxony's King Friedrich August III dressed in the gala version of the M1895, which sports red Saxon-style cuffs (Aufschlge) trimmed in gold. As with later variants of the Feldrock or Waffenrock, the M1895 always exhibited one of the four main trimmed cuff styles: Brandenburg, Swedish, Polish, or Saxon. Along with the collar patchwork (Kragenpatten), the cuffs were an indicator of a soldier's regimental association.

The dark blue uniform was later replaced for field service wear beginning in 1907 by the Feldgraue Waffenrock M1910 , although the blue version continued to be worn as a dress uniform until mid-1915, when that too was replaced toward the latter part of 1915 by the more practical M1915 Feld- und Friedens- Uniform, which included the Waffenrock M1915.

source:  Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918, Charles Woolley.



















* Deutschlands Armee in feldgrauer Kriegs- und Frieden-Uniform








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