Der Feldgraue Waffenrock M1915

The German Army's original Model-1907/10 uniform underwent subtle wartime alterations to simplify its production, and the result was designated the M1910/15, also called the M1915 Feld- und Friedens- Uniform.

Of the two basic M1915 uniforms, the Waffenrock M1915 was used by soldiers for more formal occasions, while the other M1915 uniform, the Feldgraue Bluse, was specifically designed for field wear. 

This simplified 1915 version, der vereinfachte Feldrock, sported plain barreled cuffs and did away with much of the colored piping. The M1915 tunics worn by generals usually had breast pockets, as seen in the example to the right with Exzellenz von Mudra.

The M1915 was adopted on the following dates:

* 21.09.1915 - Prussia
* 10.10.1915 - Wrttemberg
* 09.11.1915 - Saxony
* 31.03.1916 - Bavaria

source:  Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918, Charles Woolley.



















* Deutschlands Armee in feldgrauer Kriegs- und Frieden-Uniform








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