der Blaue Überrock

The dark blue pre-War Überrock was a frock coat worn by German officers through about 1910 when it started to be phased-out by the field-gray Waffenrock. As stated, the coat material was dunkelblau (dark blue) in color, and the jacket was noticeably longer in length than conventional tunics, with the hem reaching to just above the knee.

The sleeves were of the plain style similar to the Feldgraue Bluse M1915, devoid of decorative cuffs but usually trimmed with red piping. A double row of six gilt buttons ran down the front to just above the belt line. The collar was typically red for infantry officers and displayed no Kragenlitzen, or collar braiding. Officers often sat for studio portraits during the pre-War era wearing the
Überrock. The absence of ribbon bars and medals can make positive identification of the officer problematic.

source:  Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918, Charles Woolley.



















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