Die Feldgraue Bluse M1915

The German Army's original Model-1907/10 uniform underwent subtle wartime alterations to simplify its production, and the result was the M1910/15, officially designated the M1915 Feld- und Friedens- Uniform.

Of the two basic M1915 uniform designs, die Feldgraue Bluse (field-grey blouse) was intended for field wear and can be distinguished by a front flap on the tunic which covers a single row of buttons. The other M1915 design, der Feldgraue Waffenrock, was used by soldiers for more formal occasions. 

The M1910/15 was adopted on the following dates:

* 21.09.1915 - Prussia
* 10.10.1915 - Wrttemberg
* 09.11.1915 - Saxony
* 31.03.1916 - Bavaria

source:  Uniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918, Charles Woolley.


















* Deutschlands Armee in feldgrauer Kriegs- und Frieden-Uniform







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