Formation of the German Army Corps - Aug 1914
Army Corps
2 Infantry Divisions
Army Corps Headquarters:
Corps Commander = General or Generalleutnant
General Staff
Chief of Staff 
Ia - operations & tactics  (1.GSO)
Ib - affairs behind the lines
Ic - intelligence services 
Id - assistance for Ia
Adjutantur:  administrative staff
IIa - Adjutants for particulars
IIb - 2x Adjutants for Commanding General
IIc - 2x Adjutants for reinforcements and equine affairs
Section III:  field judicial officers
Section IVa:  Corps Intendant for supply svcs w/ Field Intendance, finance, supply depot
Section IVb:  Corps Medical Officer & staff
Section IVc:  Corps Veterinary Officer & staff
Commandant of Headquarters:  cavalry & infantry staff guard, field police, field P.O.
Assigned Commanders:  munitions columns, trains, pioneer battalion, telephone det
* Corps HQ staff = 66 officers, 245 NCOs & other ranks
* 40 Army Corps (General Commands) active at Mobilization;  66 at Armistice
das Korps:  organizational diagram of I. Army Corps
das Korps:  wire diagram
die Armeekorps:  history of the Imperial Army Corps
Armeekorps composed of:
Infanterie-Division  (2x)
Infantry Division  =  2 Brigades  (Infanterie-Brigaden)
plus:  Field Arty Brigade (Feldartillerie-Brigade), Cavalry Regiment (Kavallerie-Regiment)
Infanterie-Brigade  (4x)
Infantry Brigade  =  2 Regiments  (Infanterie-Regimenter)
Infanterie-Regiment  (8x)
Infantry Regiment  =  3 Battalions  (Bataillone)
plus:  Machine-Gun Company (Maschinen-Gewehr-Kompanie)
Bataillon  (24x)
Infantry Battalion  =  4 Companies  (Kompanien)
Kompanie  (96x)
Infantry Company  =  3 Platoons  (Zge)
MG-Kompanie  (8x)
Machine-Gun Company  (MGK) =  subordinate to Regimental HQ
Feldartillerie-Brigade  (2x)
Field Artillery Brigade  =  2 Field Artillery Regiments  (Feldartillerie-Regimenter)
Kavallerie-Regiment  (1-2x)
Cavalry Regiment  =  4 Squadrons  (Eskadrons)
Heavy Howitzer Battalion, Aviation Detachment, Telephone Detachment, Searchlight Section,
Corps Pontoon Train, 2x Munitions Column Sections, Foot Artillery Munitions Column Section,
2x Train Sections

Cron's Imperial German Army 1914-18

and various sources 




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