Formation of the German Infantry Division - Aug 1914
Infantry Division
2 Infantry Brigades, 1 Field Artillery Brigade, 1 Cavalry Regiment
1 Division Bridging Train, 1-2 Pioneer Companies, 1-2 Medical Companies
Infantry Division Headquarters:
Divisional Commander  =  Generalleutnant or Generalmajor
Divisional Staff:
First Staff Officer
Second Staff Officer
Intelligence Officer from Oberste-Heeresleitung (OHL) 
2x Adjutants, 3x orderly officers
Commander of Transport
Commandant of Divisional Staff Headquarters
Divisional Intendant  (with 5x intendance & 7 depot supply officials)
2x Field Judiciary Officials 
Divisional Medical Officer & Veterinary Officer from OHL
2x Chaplains & 5x Field Postal Officials 
Infantry Division strength  =  approx. 17,000 men & 2,700 horses
2 August 1914:  92 Infantry Divisions  (214 at Armistice)
die Division 1914:  organizational diagram of 1. Infantry Division
die Division 1914:  wire diagram
die Division 1915:  in 1915 transitioned to 1 Brigade of 3 Regiments
Infantry-Division composed of:
Infanterie-Brigade  (2x)
Infantry Brigade  =  2 Regiments  (Infanterie-Regimenter)
Infanterie-Regiment  (4x)
Infantry Regiment  =  3 Battalions  (Bataillone)
plus:  Machine-Gun Company (Maschinen-Gewehr-Kompanie)
Bataillon  (12x)
Infantry Battalion  =  4 Companies  (Kompanien)
MG-Kompanie  (8x)
Machine-Gun Company  =  subordinate to Regiment HQ
Feldartillerie-Brigade  (2x)
Field Artillery Brigade  =  2 Field Artillery Regiments  (Feldartillerie-Regimenter)
Kavallerie-Regiment  (1-2x)
Cavalry Regiment  =  4 Squadrons  (Eskadrons)
Pionier Company, Divisional Pontoon Train, Divisional Supply Train, Telephone Detachment
6x Field Hospitals, Veterinary Section, Medical Coy, Infantry & Artillery Munitions Train

Cron's Imperial German Army 1914-18

and AGW14-18




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