Formation of the German Infantry Brigade - Aug 1914
Infantry Brigade
2 Infantry Regiments, 1 Jger Battalion (some Brigades)
Brigade Headquarters:
Brigade Commander  =  Generalmajor or Oberst
Brigade Adjutant 
Orderly Officer
Staff Orderly
Staff Clerk
3x Logistical Support soldiers  (Trainsoldaten)
2x Regimental Commanders
* Infantry Brigade  =  6,680 men
* 2 August 1914:  184 Imperial German infantry brigades
die Infanterie-Brigade:   organizational diagram of 1. Infantry Brigade
die Infanterie-Brigade:   wire diagram
Infanterie-Brigade composed of:
Infanterie-Regiment  (2x)
Infantry Regiment  =  3 Battalions (Bataillone)
Bataillon  (6x)
Infantry Battalion  =  4 Companies  (Kompanien)
Company  =  3 Platoons  (Zge)
MG-Kompanie  (2x)
Machine-Gun Company directly subordinate to each Regimental HQ
Jger-Bataillon  (1x)
Jger Battalion attached to either a Brigade or Cavalry Division

Cron's Imperial German Army 1914-18

and various sources 




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