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German Tunics of WW1:  Model 1915 field grey blouse


- Bluse:  Bavarian Field Artillery Unteroffizier
  B - Bluse:  Kriegsgerichtsrat
  C - Bluse:  General of Infantry 
  D - Bluse:  Hussar Wachtmeister
  E - Bluse:  Guard Cuirassier Major

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The Model 1915 Bluse replaced the M1910 Waffenrock beginning in September 1915; the Waffenrock continued to be used throughout the war (Bavarian units switched to the Bluse in 1916). The eight front buttons were decreased to six and covered by a flap, there was no piping, and the cuffs were barreled only. Field blouses for generals were equipped with breast pockets. The uniform was generally more comfortable and user friendly than the M1910.  All service arms, including cavalry, used the M1915.