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German Tunics of WW1:  Model 1910 field grey tunic


- Waffenrock:  foot guards Oberst
  B - Waffenrock:  Saxon Carabinier Rittmeister
  C - Waffenrock:  Mounted Jäger Leutnant
  D - Waffenrock:  Garde du Corps Oberstleutnant
  E -  Waffenrock:  NCO with turned down collar

*  *  *

The Model 1910 Waffenrock, also known as the M1907/1910 Feldrock, was Germany's first standard field grey uniform, intended for field use. In 1915 war time changes resulted in the simplified (vereinfachte) M1910 which dropped the colored regimental piping and had only barreled cuffs.