Hans Ernst Karl Graf von Zieten
(05.03.1770 - 03.05.1848)
place of birth:  Dechtow, Brandenburg

Königreich Preußen:  OBH,  Generalfeldmarschall  (Cav)


Prussian Hussar officer and Field Marshal
Graf von Zieten was, despite the name, not related to Frederick the Great's renowned cavalry general Hans Joachim von Zieten. Hans Ernst von Zieten rather served as a General of Hussars and as the commander of the Upper Silesian Cavalry Brigade under Field Marshal von Blücher.

Graf von Zieten's chief fame rests with his actions in the 1815 campaign. Although he held a brigade command in 1813, included Leipzig, it was as a lieutenant general in command of I. Corps in 1815 that he was most prominent, both at Ligny and in the march to Mont St-Jean as troops under his charge shored up Wellington's left flank late in the day. General von Zieten later commanded the Prussian forces during the occupation of France, and attained the rank of field marshal in 1839. He died in May of 1848 in Bad Warmbrunn (present-day Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój, Poland).


Generalfeldmarschall  09.02.1839

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