Johann David Ludwig Graf Yorck von Wartenburg
(26.09.1759 - 04.10.1830)
place of birth:  Potsdam, Brandenburg

Königreich Preußen:  Generalfeldmarschall


Prussian count and field marshal
Ludwig von Wartenburg was born of English ancestry; he joined the Dutch Army after being kicked out of the Prussian Army in 1779 for insubordination. After seeing action in the East Indies as a captain, he returned to Prussia in 1785 and was restored to service in the army. He was one of the first to stress skirmish tactics. In command of an infantry brigade, he fought at Jena in 1806. Was badly wounded and captured at Lübeck, later repatriated after the Peace of Tilsit

Graf Yorck was appointed Inspector General of Light Infantry in 1810 and played a major role in the reorganization of the army. As Prussian corps commander in le Grande Army's 1812 invasion of Russia, he was stopped at Riga and was later persuaded by Clausewitz to quit Napoleon and negotiate the Convention of Tauroggen; this was a bold decision which conferred neutral status to the Prussian Army and was crucial to Prussia's regaining its independence. During the 1813 German campaign, he led troops at Bautzen, Katzbach, Wartenburg and Leipzig. After fighting in France (1814) at Montmirail and Laon, he was promoted to field marshal in 1821 and retired from active service.


Generalfeldmarschall  05.05.1821

Großkreuz des EK  31.03.1814

Pour le Mérite  27.05.1813