Karl Ernst Job-Wilhelm von Witzleben
(20.07.1783 - 09.07.1837)
place of birth:  Halberstadt, Provinz Sachsen  (Prussian Saxony)
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Chef des Militärkabinetts,  General der Infanterie


Job von Witzleben was a Prussian generalleutnant and adjutant to King Frederick William III.  He later succeeded General Ernst von Hake as Prussian Minister of War.  He was born into Thuringian nobility, the son of Generalmajor Karl Friedrich von Witzleben and his wife Amalie von Wulff. 

In 1812, Major Job von Witzleben married Auguste Henriette von Splittgerber. The couple eventually had two sons, one who became a general and the other a colonel in the Prussian Army. The eldest of their two daughters, Sophie, later became the wife of Field Marshal Edwin Freiherr von Manteuffel.

Serving as a Leibpage for King Frederick William II, 10-year old Job's budding military career began in 1793. He later entered the Leibgarde, where he became close friends with future king, Frederick William III, under whom he would eventually serve. Von Witzleben was a 2nd lieutenant fighting Napoleon I's troops during the Battle at Jena and Auerstedt, when he ended up a prisoner of war for about one year. He later saw action versus Napoleon I once more in May 1813 during the Battle of Lützen, the War of the Sixth Coalition.

Von Witzleben's military achievements and royal connections led to highly visible postings within the General Staff and War Ministry. After achieving the general's rank and serving as Frederick William III's cabinet chief and trusted military advisor for several years, he was ultimately selected to succeed Ernst von Hake as Prussian Minister of War. In this position, General von Witzleben labored to successfully integrate the Landwehr forces into Prussia's standing army. A severe illness forced him out of office, and he died in Berlin in July of 1837.


Kriegsminister   30.10.1833  -  30.07.1837

Mil-Kabinettschef  11.03.1817  -  13.05.1830

Generallieutenant  00.00.1821