Johann Adolf Freiherr von Thielmann
(27.04.1765 - 10.10.1824)
place of birth:  Dresden, Sachsen  (Saxony)

Königreich Preußen:  General der Cavallerie


As a Saxon-born cavalry officer
, Freiherr von Thielmann saw action against the French during the Revolutionary Wars. He later fought with the Prussian Army at Jena (1806) and in the defense of Danzig (1807). As a colonel in the Freikorps, he opposed the 1809 Austrian advance into Saxony. Promoted to lt. general, he commanded Saxon forces in the 1812 Battle of Borodino, thereby attracting the attention of Napoleon. 

General von Thielemann was then elevated into the nobility by the King of Saxony but refused an order to join Napoleon's forces in 1813. He defeated Lefebvre-Desnouettes at Altenberg that same year and then commanded the III. Corps of Field Marshal von Blücher's Prussian Army during the Hundred Days War. His forces fought at Ligny and held off General Grouchy at Wavre, while von Blücher's other three corps descended on Napoleon's right flank at Waterloo.


General der Cavallerie  00.03.1824