August Wilhelm Ernst von Stockhausen
(19.02.1793 - 31.03.1861)
place of birth:  Berlin

Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister, General-Lieutenant


Prussian general
August von Stockhausen served as Prussia's Minister of War during the mid 19th century. Born into the family of Oberstleutnant Christian von Stockhausen and his spouse Johanna Lütcke, August entered Prussian military service in 1804, joining the Feldjägerregiment zu Fuß. In 1806, he participated in the Battle at Jena and was taken captive by  Napoleon's forces. Stockhausen saw action in 1813-14 during the so-called Wars of Liberation, taking part in battles at Großgörschen, Bautzen und Paris.

During the years of relative peace, Stockhausen was promoted through the ranks and in 1842 became Chief of Staff of the Gardekorps, commanded by Prince Wilhelm (later Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm I). General von Stockhausen was assigned command of 1. Infantry Division in Königsberg in 1848, although by this time he already had political aspirations. With a keen eye directed toward the War Ministry, von Stockhausen gathered political support within Prussian State Parliament. He was thus in position to replace outgoing War Minister Karl von Strotha in February 1850. Although General von Stockhausen had additional hopes of eventually becoming Prussian Minister President, reigning King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. had both personal and substantive differences with the general. 


Kriegsminister   27.02.1850  -  31.12.1851

General-Lieutenant  04.02.1850