Johann Nepomuk Maria Joseph Anton Xaver Vincenz Alys Franz de Paula Stanislaus Bernhard Paul Felix Damascus - König von Sachsen
(12.12.1801 - 29.10.1873)
place of birth:  Dresden, Sachsen
Königreich Sachsen:  Seine Majestät der König


of the House of Wettin, ruled as Saxony's fourth reigning King. When his childless brother King Friedrich August II. was killed in an accident in Austria, Johann became his surprise successor. A widely recognized scholar, Johann worked additionally as a translator of Dante under the pseudonym Philathes. Johann instituted significant reforms to the judicial process and freedom of commerce, signing trade agreements with France and Italy. He also oversaw the expansion of Saxony's railway system. His reign followed a federalist and pro-Austria policy, and ultimately led to Saxony's involvement as Austria's ally during the 1866 War with the Prussian Kingdom. Upon Austria's defeat at Königgrätz, Johann was subsequently forced to join the North German Confederation in 1867, with Prussia taking control of Saxony's military, railways, and postal system. The Saxon military forces were later allies with Prussia and Bavaria during the 1870 War with France, leading to their joining the newly formed German Empire in 1871 under Kaiser Wilhelm I.


König von Sachsen  09.08.1854  -  29.10.1873