Friedrich August I. Joseph Maria Anton Johann Nepomul Aloys Xaver "der Gerechte" - König von Sachsen
(23.12.1750 - 05.05.1827)
place of birth:  Dresden, Sachsen
Königreich Sachsen:  Seine Majestät der König


Friedrich August I. of the House of Wettin, known as Friedrich August III. the Elector beginning in 1763, was the first king of the Kingdom of Saxony. He reigned from 1806 until his death in 1827. Although he additionally had been elected as the King of Poland, he only functioned as Duke of Warsaw. Friedrich August I. was the son of the Elector Friedrich Christian von Sachsen and spouse Maria Antonia von Bayern. Since his father died when Friedrich August was 13 years old, his mother functioned as custodial Regent for five years until he was of age in 1768. The Augustusplatz in Leipzig is named in his honor.


König von Sachsen  20.12.1806 - 05.05.1827