Anton Clemens Theodor Maria Joseph Johann Evagelista Johann Nepomuk Franz Xaver Aloys Januar "der Gütige" König von Sachsen
(27.12.1755 - 06.06.1836)
place of birth:  Dresden, Sachsen
Königreich Sachsen:  Seine Majestät der König


of the House of Wettin, succeeded brother Friedrich August I. as the Kingdom of Saxony's second reigning sovereign. Ascending the throne in 1827 at the age of 71, his lack of administrative experience dictated that he initiate no lasting changes to Saxony's foreign or domestic policy. To assist him, and in response to disturbances in the Kingdom, Anton selected his nephew Friedrich (future King Friedrich August II.) to function as Co-Regent. These disturbances also led to Saxony becoming a constitutional monarchy in 1831, with a bi-cameral legislature replacing the feudal states. 



König von Sachsen  05.05.1827 - 06.06.1836