Karl August Freiherr von Rüpplin von und zu Keffikon
(28.11.1797 - 26.08.1867)
place of birth:  Portoferraio, Elba (aboard British-flagged ship)
Königreich Württemberg:  Kriegsminister,  Generalleutnant


August Freiherr von Rüpplin
was a cavalry officer who served as Württemberg's Minister of War under King Wilhelm I.  The son of a colonel in the Swiss Army, Rüpplin began his military career in 1807 as a 10-year old cadet. He saw his first action as part of the Rhine Confederation during the German Campaign (Befreiungskriege) of 1813-14.  In 1835, he was promoted to major and selected as an adjutant to King Wilhelm I. After succeeding Graf von Sontheim as Württemberg's War Minister in 1848-49, Generalmajor Rüpplin retired from military service. He returned to active duty in 1857, however, taking the reins of an infantry brigade in Ludwigsburg. In 1865, King Karl I. appointed Rüpplin to adjutant duty and promoted him to Generalleutnant.


Kriegsminister   24.06.1848 - 28.10.1949

Generalleutnant  00.03.1865

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