Ludwig Johann Karl Gregor Eusebius Freiherr Roth von Schreckenstein
(16.11.1789 - 30.05.1858)
place of birth:  Immendingen, Großherzogtum Baden
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  General der Cavallerie


Prussian General of Cavalary
Roth von Schreckenstein served as Prussian War Minister from June through September 1848. He was born on 16 November 1789 as the son of Friedrich Freiherr von Schreckenstein and Kunigunde von Riedheim. He was married to the Countess Luise von Hatzfeldt-Trachenberg. As a teenager he began his career in the court of Saxon King Friedrich August, serving as a page. In 1812, as a lieutenant in the Cuirassier Regiment Zastrow, he saw action during the Russian Campaign as part Napoleon's Grande Armee. With General von Thielemann's staff during the Battle of Borodino in September, he was widely recognized for outstanding service.

With the Prussian III. Army Corps, Schreckenstein fought in at the Battle of Ligny and at Wavre during the Belgian Campaign of 1815. As a colonel, he was given command of the 13th Cavalry Brigade - Münster in 1837, and was promoted to Generalmajor in 1841. Following his participation in quelling the March Revolution of 1848 in Trier, he was promoted to Generalleutnant, one month later succeeding August von Kanitz as Prussian War Minister. When the military came to blows with German citizenry in July 1848 at Schweidnitz, the National Assembly pressured Schreckenstein and his entire War Ministry to step down from power. He returned to full-time active duty as commander of the Garde-Korps during the Schleswig-Holstein War, and in June of 1853 was promoted to General der Kavallerie when he received command of VII. Army Corps. Ludwig Roth von Schreckenstein died on 30 May 1858 in Münster.


Kriegsminister   25.06.1848  -  07.09.1848

General der Cavallerie  02.06.1853