Wilhelm Eugen Ludwig Ferdinand von Rohr
(17.05.1782 - 15.03.1851)
place of birth:  Brandenburg an der Havel

Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Generalleutnant


Prussian general
Ferdinand von Rohr served briefly as Prussian War Minister during Friedrich Wilhelm IV's reign. Rohr began his military service as a young infantry officer in 1797. He fought in campaigns against Napoleon in 1806 and against Russia in 1812, where he served as a captain on von Yorck's general staff. He again fought Napoleon's troops in 1813 during Germany's Wars of Liberation.  Although severely wounded, he continued military service, with regminental duty and assignments at the War Ministry.

General von Rohr's military career ultimately lead him to Breslau, where he commanded the 11th Infantry Division from 1839 until 1847. After a brief retirement, however, von Rohr was appointed to replace Hermann von Boyen as Prussian War Minister. He continued to suffer health problems while in office. When the March Revolution hit Berlin in 1848, both Minister von Rohr and President Arnim were forced to resign.


Kriegsminister   07.10.1847  -  02.04.1848

Generalleutnant  30.03.1840