Johann Georg Gustav von Rauch
(01.04.1774 - 02.04.1841)
place of birth:  Braunschweig  (Brunswick)
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Generalstabschef,  General der Infanterie


Prussian general and War Minister
, Gustav von Rauch was specifically known for establishing military academies in Prussia. Born to an officer's family, he became a lieutenant by the age of 16. In 1793 he was given charge of the construction of Prussian fortresses in Poland. By 1812, he was in command of the Corps of Engineers, serving also as general inspector of the Prussian fortresses during the 1813-15 wars for independence. In March 1837, von Rauch provisionally replaced the sickly von Witzleben as Prussian Minister of War, and became the official War Minister in July of that year. He also served as provisional Chief of General Staff in 1812-13. General von Rauch passed away in Berlin on 2 April 1841.


Kriegsminister   30.07.1837  -  28.02.1841

Generalstabschef   00.03.1812  -  11.03.1813  (provisional)

General der Infanterie  30.03.1829

Pour le Mérite  00.00.1807   (Eichenlaub:  03.06.1814)

Militär-Max-Joseph  00   Ritter