Karl Paul Edler von der Planitz
(20.09.1837 - 19.08.1902)
place of birth:  Hohengrün bei Auerbach, Vogtland  (Saxony)
Königreich Sachsen:  Generalstabschef,  Kriegsminister,  General der Infanterie


Royal Saxon general officer Paul von der Planitz
spent his military career in the service of the Royal Saxon Army, functioning as that kingdom's Chief of General Staff and War Minister. Von der Planitz was born into the nobility of Vogtland, Saxony, the son of Maximilian Edler von der Planitz and his spouse Maria Jani. He entered the military service in 1856 and took part in the Danish War of 1864. He then fought against Prussian forces in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, von der Planitz worked on the general staff of Prussia's Maas-Army

In the post-War years, he replaced Bernhard Freiherr von Holleben as Saxony's Chief of General Staff, serving in that role from 1883 to 1889. In 1891, he succeeded Alfred von Fabrice as Saxon Minister of War and remained in that office until 1902. He was thereafter transferred to Mainz Fortress to serve as military governor. The general later married Isidore von Tschirschky und Bögendorff. He died in August 1902 in Hosterwitz.


Generalstabschef   00.00.1883  -  00.00.1889

Kriegsminister   00.03.1891  -  19.08.1902

General der Infanterie  02.01.1896

Militär-St-Heinrich  00