Johann Nepomuk Joseph Florian Graf von Triva
(20.09.1755 - 08.04.1827)
place of birth:  München, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Kriegsminister, Generalstabschef, General der Artillerie


General Johann Nepomuk served as his the Bavarian Kingdom's army chief of general staff and war minister. He began his military career with the Bavarian Army in 1766 and continued his service for a period spanning 56 years.


Generalstabschef   30.03.1802  -  24.10.1820
Kriegsminister   27.03.1808  -  30.09.1822

General der Artillerie  01.01.1811
Militär-Max-Joseph  01.03.1806  Großkreuz  (Großkanzler: 22.03.1806)