Moriz von Miller
(10.03.1792 - 05.10.1866)
place of birth:  Stuttgart, Württemberg
Königreich Württemberg:  Kriegsminister, General der Infanterie


General von Miller
served as Württemberg's War Minister for fifteen years during the mid-1800s. He began his military career in 1809 as a 15-year old lieutenant. Serving on the general staff of Württemberg's armed forces, Miller participated in the Russian Campaign of 1812 as Napoleon pushed toward Moscow. During the German Campaign (Befreiungskriege) of 1813-14, Miller commanded a company within the Prussian-Russian coalition fighting Napoleon's Grande Armee. From 1838 to 1847, General von Miller was Württemberg's Chief of General Staff. He then succeeded Generalmajor von Baur-Breitenfeld as Minister of War.



Kriegsminister   02.07.1850 - 01.09.1865

General der Infanterie  01.09.1865

Württemberg MVO  00.00.1857   Großkreuz