Ludwig Wilhelm Karl Norbert Johann Herzog in Bayern K.H.
(21.06.1831 - 06.11.1920)
place of birth:  München, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  General der Cavallerie


Ludwig Herzog in Bayern served as general officer, largely ceremonial, in the Royal Bavarian Military during the pre Great War period. Often referred to as Louis, he was the eldest child of Max and Ludovika in Bayern. One of his nine siblings, Elisabeth, was the wife of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I.  In 1859, Ludwig married the actress and commoner Henriette Mendel (Baroness of Wallersee). Their daughter Marie Louise, later know as the Countess Larisch, played a role in the scandalous Mayerling Incident and was consequently snubbed by European society.


General der Cavallerie  25.07.1883