Karl Wilhelm Georg von Grolman
(30.07.1777 - 15.9.1843)
place of birth:  Berlin
Königreich Preußen:  Generalstabschef,  Chef des Militärkabinetts,  General der Infanterie


Although born into the family of a noted judge in Berlin, Grolman opted instead for a military career at the age of 13. Prussian general who served during the wars of liberation (Befreiungskriege) and who replaced Gneisenau as Prussia Chief of General Staff (1814-1819). Later, Infantry Regiment (l. Posensches) Nr. 18, was named in Grolman's honor, as was a fort in the Posen (Poznan) area. Serving as commanding general of V. Army Corps in Posen, he died on 15 September 1843.


Generalstabschef   03.06.1814  -   00.11.1819

Mil.Kabinetts-Chef  01.03.1808  -  01.05.1809

General der Infanterie  30.03.1837

Pour le Mérite  08.12.1813