Friedrich Wilhelm II. König von Preußen
(25.09.1744 - 16.11.1797)
place of birth:  Potsdam, Brandenburg

Königreich Preußen:  Seine Majestät der König,  Chef der Armee


King of Prussia from 1786 to 1797
, he was the nephew and successor of Friedrich II (Frederick the Great). Despite lack of military and political skills, Prussia still achieved considerable expansion during his reign. He joined the European coalition in support of Louis XVI and fought in the early campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars

Financial difficulties and the revolt (1794) in Poland against the Prussian and Russian occupiers of that country following the second partition of Poland  led him to make a separate peace with the French at Basel (1795). Friedrich Wilhelm II's extravagance, however, left a ruined exchequer. He was a patron of the arts and an amateur cellist, with Mozart dedicating three string quartets to him. He was succeeded by his son, Friedrich Wilhelm III, when he died on 16 November 1797 in Potsdam.


König von Preußen  17.08.1786  -  16.11.1797

Generallieutenant  00