Friedrich Maria Albrecht Wilhelm Karl Archduke of Austria, 
Duke of Teschen
(04.06.1856 - 30.12.1936)
place of birth:  Groß Seelowitz  (Zidlochovice, Czech Republic)
Österreich-Ungarnhon. Generalfeldmarschall


Archduke Friedrich was the Commander in Chief of the Austro-
Hungarian Armed Forces during the First World War. He was the son of Archduke Karl Ferdinand and his wife Elisabeth Franziska. Friedrich was later married to Princes Isabella of Croy, with whom he had eights daughters and one son. Emperor Franz Josef I made Friedrich commander of the Austro- Hungarian military forces in July of 1914 in order to keep him from interfering with Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf. In December 1914, he was promoted to Field Marshal. He kept the post of supreme commander until Emperor Karl I replaced him in February 1917. The Archduke died Ungarisch-Altenburg (Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary) in December 1936. 

Generalfeldmarschall  22.06.1915  (Ehrentitel)