Friedrich I. Groherzog von Baden K.H.
(09.09.1826 - 28.09.1907)
place of birth:  Karlsruhe, Groherzogtum Baden

Gro▀herzogtum Baden:  Gro▀herzog,  Generaloberst mdR GFM


As the second son of
Grand Duke Leopold von Baden, Friedrich I. followed his father as ruler of the Grand Duchy of Baden due to his older brother's terminal illness. He ruled for 55 years, serving as Regent from 1852 to 1856 and then as Gro▀herzog (Grand Duke) until his death in 1907. He is considered one of Baden's most outstanding leaders, a true political reformer and progressive.

Friedrich I. was also a strong advocate of the constitutional monarchy and of a national unity under Prussian leadership, bringing Baden into the German Empire in 1870. As nominal head of Baden's military forces, he served as a colonel general with the rank of field marshal, attaining that rank in June 1888. He was succeeded by his son Friedrich II. as Baden's Grand Duke upon his death in 1907. Friedrich I. is buried on the Island of Mainau in Lake Constance.


Groherzog  22.01.1858  -  28.09.1907

Generaloberst  25.06.1888   (mit dem Range als GFM)