Friedrich Graf von Franquemont
(05.03.1770 - 02.01.1842)
place of birth:  Ludwigsburg, Württemberg
Königreich Württemberg:  Kriegsminister, General der Infanterie


Friedrich Graf von Franquemont
served as Württemberg's Minister of War during the first part of the 19th century. Friedrich was born as the illegitimate son of Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg, and the dancer Regina Monti. He was commissioned as a 17-year old lieutenant in 1787, when he joined the so-called Kap Regiment. In service to the Dutch East India Company, service in this military unit took him from South Africa to Jakarta and further to Ceylon. In 1795, Franquemont was taken prisoner by the British and shipped to England, where he was released about five years thereafter.

Returning home in 1805, Franquemont joined the Württemberg military forces at the rank of Hauptmann, quickly rising through the ranks. By 1813, he was promoted to Feldzeugmeister (General der Infanterie) and soon was commanding troops under Napoleon during the German Campaign (Befreiungskriege) of 1813-14. He was severely wounded during the Battle of Bautzen, May 1813. Returning home once again, General Franquemont was selected by King Wilhelm I. to head of the Kriegsdepartement, as Württemberg's War Ministry was known at the time. He was further involved in Württemberg politics by serving as a member of the Geheime Rat (Privy Council) from 1816 to 1829. In 1818, King Wilhelm presented Franquemont with the Order of the Württemberg Crown Grand Cross.


Kriegsminister   09.11.1816 - 10.08.1829

General der Infanterie  06.11.1813