Friedrich I. König in Preußen
11.07.1657 - 25.02.1713)
place of birth:  
Königsberg, Ostpreußen  (Kaliningrad, Russia)
Königreich Preußen:  Seine Majestät der König,  Chef der Armee


The first king of Prussia
who reigned from 1701 to 1713. He was also the elector of Brandenburg from 1688 to 1713, serving under the title Friedrich III. He succeeded his father, Friedrich Wilhelm (Frederick William) the Great Elector in Brandenburg. Through a renewed alliance with Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I prior to the War of the Spanish Succession, Friedrich I obtained the emperor’s approval for the elevation of Prussia to a kingdom. On 18 January 1701, Friedrich I crowned himself at Königsberg, but his extravagant expenses drained the finances of Prussia. He was succeeded by his son, Friedrich Wilhelm I. He died in February 1713 in Berlin.


König in Preußen  18.01.1701  -  22.02.1713

Generalmajor  00