Friedrich Wilhelm Herzog von Braunschweig
(09.10.1771 - 16.06.1815)
place of birth:  Braunschweig  (Brunswick)

Herzogtum Braunschweig:  Herzog,  General


Friedrich Wilhelm, Duke of Brunswick from 1814-1815, was a German military hero of the Napoleonic Wars. On the death (1806) of his father Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, his duchy was seized by Napoleon and added to the kingdom of Westphalia. He attempted to liberate his duchy from French control in 1809, when Austria reopened war against France.
Also known as the der Schwarze Herzog (the Black Duke), Friedrich
Wilhelm formed a Freikorps called the “Black Brunswickers,” and in a dashing foray advanced through Germany and captured Brunswick. He soon was driven out but succeeded in fleeing with his troops to England. Returning in 1813, he took possession of Brunswick but was killed at Quatre Bras in the Waterloo campaign.


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