Leopold Hermann Gottlieb Ludwig von Boyen
(20.06.1771 - 15.02.1848)
place of birth:  Kreuzburg, Ostpreußen  (Slavskoye, Russia)
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  Chef des Militärkabinetts,  Generalfeldmarschall


Calm and effective general staff officer
, Hermann von Boyen served as a Prussian field marshal and Minister of War. Orphaned at an early age, he joined the army and saw action during the 1794 revolt in Poland. He was badly wounded at Auerstädt (1806) and two years later was appointed by Scharnhorst to the new Military Reorganization Commission. Boyen became known as one of the "Five Reformers," together with Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Clausewitz and Grolman. 

As Friedrich von Bülow's chief of staff
, von Boyen saw action at Grossbeeren, Dennewitz, Leipzig and Laon (all in 1814). Serving as Minister of War (1814-19), he supported the adoption of universal military service. He lived in retirement for the next 20 years, but in 1840 was recalled by the King to serve as councillor of state. He was promoted to field marshal and selected again headed the War Ministry (1841-1847) until his retirement.


Kriegsminister   00.08.1813  -  26.12.1819;   00.03.1841  -  07.10.1847

Mil.Kabinetts-Chef  03.02.1810  -  11.03.1812

Generalfeldmarschall  07.10.1847

Pour le Mérite  03.06.1814   (Eichenlaub: 03.06.1814)