Eduard Wilhelm Ludwig von Bonin
(07.03.1793 - 13.03.1865)
place of birth:  Stolp , Pommern  (Slupsk, Poland)
Königreich Preußen:  Kriegsminister,  General der Infanterie


Prussian general of infantry
who served as War Minister from 1852-1854 and from 1858-1859. In 1806, he fought with von Blücher's forces against Napoleon Bonaparte in Lübeck where he was taken prisoner. After being released, he rejoined the Army and worked his way through the ranks until being named commander of the Prussian Linienbrigade. He and his troops distinguished themselves during the First Schleswig War of 1848. He was thus named commander of the united duchies of Schleswig and Holstein but resigned his command in July 1849 after an unsuccessful campaign. 

General-Lieutenant von Bonin was serving as a divisional commander in Trier when he replaced Stockhausen as War Minister in 1852. During this time, he advocated improved weaponry and greater tactical mobility for infantry. He also oversaw the merging of Landwehr brigades with front-line troops. He went back to command a division in Neisse in 1854 and also served as Vice-Governor of Mainz in 1856. Bonin returned to serve in the War Ministry from 1858-1859 before being replaced by General Albrecht von Roon. He was then charged with command of the VIII. Army Corps in Koblenz and remained there until his death on 13 March 1865.


Kriegsminister   13.01.1852 - 05.05.1854;   06.11.1858 - 27.11.1859

General der Infanterie  31.05.1859

Pour le Mérite  01.09.1848