Otto Wilhelm Luitpold Adalbert Waldemar von Wittelsbach 
König von Bayern
(27.04.1848 - 11.10.1916)
place of birth:  München, Bayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Bayern:  Seine Majestät der König


Otto von Wittelsbach followed his brother Ludwig II. as King of Bavarian following Ludwig's untimely and suspicious death-ruled-suicide. Otto was the son of previous Bavarian King Maximilian II. and Marie von Preußen. Like his brother, Otto was not close to his parents, and indeed spent the great part of his childhood with his classroom instructors and caretakers at the family castle Hohenschwangau

Prince Otto joined Bavaria's military forces as an officer candidate at the age of 15. It was soon after his father Maximilian died in 1864 that young Otto first showed signs of mental illness. He continued with his military career, however, and even took part in both the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, ultimately attaining the rank of full colonel. Soon after the war, he was officially diagnosed with mentally ill and thereafter slid into a gradual state of insanity. His brother King Ludwig II. was declared mentally unfit to rule in June 1886, with the boys' uncle Luitpold taking control as Prince Regent. When Ludwig committed suicide three days later, Otto was officially proclaimed as Bavaria's fifth sovereign. When the proclamation of his inauguration was read to him, he was apparently incapable of understanding it, and so Luitpold continued as Bavaria's titular head. When Luitpold died in 1912, he was succeeded by his son Ludwig III., who initially continued as Prince Regent. Bavaria's constitution was soon amended to allowing Ludwig III. to end the regency and be declared King of Bavaria. Otto nonetheless retained all titles and honors until his unexpected death in 1916.


König von Bayern  13.06.1886  -  11.10.1916  (title only)