Albrecht Friedrich Rudolf Archduke of Austria and Duke of Teschen
(03.08.1817 - 18.02.1895)
place of birth:  Wien, sterreich  (Vienna)
sterreich-Ungarn:  hon. Generalfeldmarschall


Archduke Albrecht was the son of the famous Austrian field marshal and victor at the battle of Aspern, Archduke Carl and Princess Henritte of Nassau-Weilburg. At the age of 13 he served as regimental colonel of Austria's 44th Infantry Regiment. The Archduke was promoted to field marshal in April 1863. He led his troops into battle against the Italians during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, seeing action at Custozza and Santa Lucia. After Austria's ultimate defeat to Prussia, Albrecht was appointed army commander-in-chief in 1868 and later inspector general. He also received a ceremonial promotion to Prussian field marshal in June 1888. Archduke Albrecht died in February 1895 in Arco Tirolia and is buried in Capucins.


Generalfeldmarschall  19.06.1888   (Ehrentitel)