Rudolf Schwander  
(23.12.1868 - 25.12.1950)
place of birth:  Colmar, Elsaß  (Alsatia)
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Wirtschaftsamtes,  Statthalter Elsaß-Lothringen


German politician and social reformer who served during the Great War as the Imperial Germany's Minister of Economics. Schwander studied law and political science in Straßburg. He worked for several years in local government and in 1906 was chosen to serve as the Mayor of Straßburg. During the War, Schwander headed up the newly-formed (August 1917) Ministry of Finance in Georg Michaelis' cabinet. 

Minister Schwander remained in Berlin for a few weeks after Georg von Hertling took over the reigns from Michaelis as Reichskanzler, but in November 1917 returned directly to the town hall at Straßburg. There he replaced Johann von Dallwitz as Reichsstatthalter (Imperial Administrator) of the Alsace Lorraine province. After the War ended, Herr Schwander served as Senior President of theHesse-Nassau Province, continually turning down offers to work as a minister within the Weimar Republic. He passed away on Christmas Day 1950 in Oberursul, Taunus.

Wirtschafts-Minister  05.08.1917  -  20.11.1917

Reichsstatthalter 04.10.1918  -  11.11.1918  (Elsaß-Lothringen)