Siegfried Friedrich Wilhelm Erdmann Graf von Roedern 
(27.07.1870 - 14.04.1954)
place of birth:  Marburg a.d. Lahn, Provinz Hessen-Nassau 
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichschatzamtes


German count and political leader who served as Imperial Germany's Minister of Finance during the latter half of the Great War. Siegfried was born as Germany was going to war with France during the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71. His father, Count Ludwig Erdmann von Roedern, fought during the war as an adjutant with the 11th Jäger Battalion. 

Siegfried Graf von Roedern studied law and government at the Universities of Freiburg, Berlin, Geneva, and Marburg. When he was 27, he married Else Nasse. He worked his way up through the civil service ranks and in 1905 served as Landrat for the Niederbarnim district. As Germany mobilized for the War, he held the office of State Secretary in the Ministry for Alsace-Lorraine. On 22 May 1916, he replaced Karl Helfferich as Germany's Minister of Finance, serving in the cabinets of four different Chancellors. Shortly after the Armistice was signed, he resigned his post and move to Gunterstal, where he dedicated himself to his writings. He later moved to Hamburg where he got involved in the shipping industry and remained politically active, joining the Nazi Party in 1933. In the final years of his life, however, he dedicated his writings to his opposition to the Second World War. Siegfried Graf von Roedern passed away on 14 April 1954 at his beloved Sonnleitnerhof in Bergen.

Finanz-Minister  24.05.1916  -  09.11.1918