Ernst Karl August Klemens Ritter von Mann Edler von Tiechler  
(11.04.1864 - 02.10.1934)
place of birth:  Burghausen, Oberbayern  (Bavaria)
Königreich Preußen:  Staatssekretär des Reichsmarineamtes,  Admiral

Bavarian-born Vice Admiral who succeeded Paul Behncke as the State Secretary of the Imperial Naval Office. He entered the Navy in 1884, reaching the rank of Korvettenkapitän by September 1909. His chief assignment at the time was escorting Kaiser Wilhelm II's yacht, the Hohenzollern. He then served for two years as commander of the cruiser Friedrich Carl. From September 1911 until January 1913, he commanded the cruiser Von Moltke, and thereafter commanded the destroyer Kaiser until September 1913.

As Germany mobilized for war, Ritter von Mann was the Fleet Chief of Staff. He spent most of the war, until December 1917, as Chief Inspector of Torpedo Technology. At that point, he was selected to head up the fledgling U-Boot office at Imperial Naval Headquarters, and while there was promoted to Vice-Admiral. In October 1918, he succeeded Paul von Behncke as State Secretary for the Imperial Navy. In November, Ritter von Mann selected U-Boot commanders loyal to the Kaiser to search for and destroy destroyers which the mutinous sailors in Kiel had taken over. He also unsuccessfully sought from the Cabinet to bombard Kiel from the sea and land. Von Mann left office on 13 February 1919 and went into retirement. He passed away on 2 October 1934 in Bad Reichenhall, his native Bavaria. His son Hermann served in the Wehrmacht during World War Two at the rank of Generalleutnant.


Reichsmarineamt  28.09.1918  -  13.02.1919
Vizeadmiral  27.01.1918

Curriculum Vitae
21.04.1884 die Kaiserliche Marine  (Seekadett)
16.04.1887 Unterleutnant zur See
17.06.1890 Leutnant zur See 
12.04.1897 Kapitänleutnant
06.03.1904 Korvettenkapitän
30.03.1908 Fregattenkapitän
12.12.1908 Kapitän zur See
30.09.1911 Großer Kreuzer SMS Moltke  (Commandant)
12.01.1913 Großlinienschiff SMS Kaiser  (Commandant)
00.00.1914 Inspektion der Torpedowesens - Kiel  (Chief Inspector of Torpedo Technology)
Great War
02.08.1914 Inspektion der Torpedowesens  (Chief Inspector of Torpedo Technology)
22.09.1915 Konteradmiral 
15.12.1917 U-Bootsamt im Reichsmarineamt - Berlin  (Director of Submarine Department)
27.01.1918 Vizeadmiral 
28.09.1918 Staatssekretär des Reichsmarineamtes - Berlin  (State Secretary of Imperial Naval Office, replaced Paul Behncke)
13.02.1919 außer Dienst




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