Gustav Amandus Hermann Lisco  
(30.01.1850 - 07.11.1923)
place of birth:  Berlin
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichsjustizamtes


Hermann Lisco served as Imperial Germany's Minster of Justice throughout most of the Great War. Lisco grew up in Berlin in the home of Pastor Emil Gustav Lisco but chose to study for a career in law. Beginning in 1879, he worked his way up through a series of government postings until 1903, when he was brought in to the Prussian Ministry of Justice to head up the personnel department. In 1909, he was selected as Staatssekretär des Reichsjustizamtes (Minister of Justice) to serve in Reichskanzler's Bethmann-Hollweg's cabinet. When Bethmann stepped down in July 1917, Lisco gave up his cabinet position to Paul von Krause.


Justiz-Minister  25.10.1909  -  05.08.1917