Hermann Kühn  
(00.00.1851 - 27.02.1937)
place of birth:  Schlawe, Pommern  (Sławno, Poland) 
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichschatzamtes


German political leader Hermann Kühn served as Imperial Germany's Minister of Finance during the years prior to the Great War. He remained in this capacity until being replaced by Karl Helfferich in January 1915.

After studying law at the university, Kühn initially moved to Köslin where he worked in the field of tax law. He later functioned as a district judge in the towns of Marggrabowa and Rügenwalde. He continued practicing law as a government official in places such as Stettin, Thorn, and Danzig.

In 1892, he transferred to the Imperial Finance Ministry in Berlin, working his way up through the various postings until March 1912 when he was named as the successor to Finance Minister Adolf Wermuth. State Minister Kühn simultaneously worked as High Privy Councillor (Wirklicher Geheimer Rat) as well as representative in the German Federal Council (Bundesrat). In 1915 he was also named as an honorary citizen of his hometown of Schlawe. State Minister Kühn died in 1937 in Berlin.

Finanz-Minister  17.03.1912  -  17.01.1915