Paul Georg Christof von Krause  
(04.02.1852 - 17.12.1923)
place of birth:  Karbowa bei Brodnica
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichsjustizamtes


Imperial German jurist and political leader Paul von Krause served during the latter part of the Great War as Germany's Minister of Justice. He replaced Hermann Lisco in August 1917 in this posting, serving initially in Reichskanzler Georg Michaelis' cabinet. Minister von Krause continued serving as head of the Reichsjustizamt in the successive cabinets of Georg von Hertling and Prince Max von Baden, remaining there until its transformation into the Reichsministerium der Justiz in February 1919. During the Weimar Republic, von Krause remained politically active with the German Volkspartei and occupied a seat as a representative in the Prussian State Parliament until his death in 1923.


Justiz-Minister  05.08.1917  -  13.02.1919