Gottlieb von Jagow  
(22.06.1863 - 11.01.1935)
place of birth:  Berlin
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Auswärtigen Amtes


Imperial German Foreign Minister during the Great War, Gottlieb von Jagow became pessimistic about the War's outcome after the debacle of the First Battle of the Marne (Sept 1914). He was later dismissed for his opposition to unrestricted submarine warfare. Gottlieb von Jagow had been one of Kaiser Wilhelm II's fraternity brothers in the Bonn Borussen and later served as an Imperial German envoy to Luxembourg (1907) and Italy (1909). After the War, von Jagow left political life and penned his memoirs which concerned the causes behind the outbreak of the First World War. Von Jagow passed away in Potsdam on 11 January 1935.


Außen-Minister  14.01.1913  -  22.11.1916