Paul von Hintze  
(13.02.1864 - 18.08.1941)
place of birth:  Schwedt, Pommern  (Pomerania)
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Auswärtigen Amtes


German Foreign Minister Paul von Hintze served toward the end of the Great War. He retired from the Imperial German Navy as a Rear Admiral and was then appointed as ambassador to Mexico in 1911. He later served as ambassador to China in 1914, as well as to Norway in 1917. When Foreign Minister Richard von Kühlmann was chased out of office by General Erich Ludendorff, von Hintze was brought in as his replacement and immediately began pushing for a policy of cooperation with the Bolsheviks. Hintze is also known to have advised the Kaiser near War's end to seek an "honorable death" at the western front as head of his troops. Admiral von Hintze was replaced by Wilhelm Solf and died on 19 August 1941 in Merano, Italy.



Außen-Minister  09.07.1918  -  03.10.1918