Matthias Erzberger  
(20.09.1875 - 26.08.1921)
place of birth:  Buttenhausen, Württemberg
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Minister ohne Geschäftsbereich  (Zentrum)


Matthias Erzberger functioned during the Great War as the leader of the left-wing of the Catholic Center Party in the Reichstag. He was part of Prince Max's cabinet in 1918 and headed the German delegation that signed the armistice. He then served in Scheidemann's cabinet and was vice-chancellor and finance minister under Bauer. He died on 26 August 1921 at Bad Griesbach when two radical right-wing assassins shot him eight times.


ohne Geschäftsbereich  04.10.1918  -  09.11.1918