Gustav Adolf Bauer  
(06.01.1870 - 16.09.1944)
place of birth:  Darkehmen-Angerapp, Ostpreußen  (Ozjorsk, RU)
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichsarbeitsamtes


Gustav Bauer worked as office administrator in Königsberg and founded the Office Employees Association in 1895. He then moved to Berlin, where he headed the Central Workers' Secretariat of the Free Trade Unions (1903). By 1908 Bauer had become the second chairman of the General Commission of Trade Unions of Germany. In 1912 he joined German Parliament as a representative of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) from Breslau and briefly served as state secretary for the Labor Department under Prince Maximilian von Baden (1918). After the war, Bauer served as Scheidemann's Labor Minister, and later, as President of the Reich under Ebert, he signed the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. In March 1920 his government had to flee from Berlin during the the Kapp Putsch.


Arbeits-Minister 04.10.1918  -  13.02.1919