Max Johann Otto Adolf Tortilowicz von Batocki-Friebe 
(31.07.1868 - 22.05.1944)
place of birth:  Bledau - Königsberg, Ostpreußen  (Kaliningrad, RU)
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Staatssekretär des Reichsernährungsamts


Adolf von Batocki-Friebe was tasked in May 1916 with heading up the newly formed Kriegsernährungsamt (War Food Office) as part of Kanzler Bethmann-Hollweg's cabinet. This political role later earned the nickname of Food Dictator. Batocki-Friebe remained in this office until being replaced by Wilhelm von Waldow in August 1917. He had previously served during the initial phase of the War as Oberpräsident (Senior President) of the province of Eastern Prussia from October 1914 to August 1916. After his stint in Berlin at the Kriegsernährungsamt, Herr Batocki-Friebe returned to his Oberpräsident office in Königsberg and served there from February 1918 to June 1918. He passed away on 22 May 1944 at his Wosegau estate near Cranz.


Ernährungs-Minister  22.05.1916  -  06.08.1917