Prinz Max von Baden  
(10.07.1867 - 06.11.1929)
place of birth:  Baden-Baden
Deutsches Kaiserreich:  Reichskanzler,  General der Infanterie


Prince Max von Baden was a relatively moderate politician who was selected to head the Imperial German Chancellory during the final days of the Great War. Kaiser Wilhelm II was hopeful that the prince might be capable of bringing the War to an expeditious end. 

Throughout the Great War, Prince Max had dedicated himself to his volunteer work with the Red Cross worker and, as such, was an outspoken opponent of Germany's move toward unrestricted submarine warfare. Prince Max was also an arch opponent of General Erich Ludendorff, the de facto leader of German Supreme Military Command in the final months of the Empire. Prince Max was the one who in fact ended up dismissing Ludendorff, and he was also able to help convince Kaiser Wilhelm II to abdicate. 

Prince Max von Baden was the son of the Prussian general Prince Wilhelm of Baden and spouse Maria von Leuchtenberg. Prince Max' mother Maria was the granddaughter of Napoleon Bonaparte's step-son Eugene do Beauharnais. The Prince was married to Maria-Luise von Hannover-Cumberland, and their daughter Marie Alexandra was killed during World War Two during a 1944 air raid over Frankfurt am Main. Prince Max von Baden passed away on 6 July 1929 in Salem near ▄berlingen.

Reichskanzler  03.10.1918  -  09.11.1918

General der Infanterie  24.12.1914

Dienststellung  Óls d.G.KŘr.R. u.d.Drag.R.20.