Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Kurt Friedrich von Tümpling
(30.12.1809 - 13.02.1884)
place of birth:  Pasewalk, Pommern  (Pomerania)
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Cavallerie


Prussian cavalry general von Tümpling
was the son of General Adam von Tümpling. Although he originally envisioned a career as an attorney, Wilhelm eventually made his into the Guards Corps where he quickly progressed. His first command came with a transfer to the 5th Cuirassier Regiment in Riesenburg. By 1863, Generalleutnant von Tümpling was commander of the 5th Infantry Division based at Frankfurt an der Oder.

Although elements of his division did see action during the Danish War of 1864, General von Tümpling himself remained in Kiel during the campaign. The Austro-Prussian War of 1866, however, offered him the chance for his first field battle at Gitschin, where he personally headed the infantry charge and was severely wounded in short order. The attack's success led to his receiving the order of the Pour le Merite. In the War's aftermath, General von Tümpling was for a few weeks the acting Governor General of the Kingdom of Saxony.

In the years prior to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, General von Tümpling received command of VI. Army Corps headquartered in Breslau. The corps remained in Silesia as war broke out in France in order to defend against a possible action by the Austrians. Upon becoming clear that Austria was not going to ally itself with the French, von Tümpling's corps was transferred to France in early August 1870. Their task was to patrol for French units retreating from Sedan in order to ensure they could not make it back to Paris. During the Siege of Paris, VI. Corps was charged with securing the southwestern sector of the city. Following the campaign, he returned to Breslau with his troops and remained in charge of the corps until poor health forced his retirement in 1883. General von Tümpling died a few months later at the Talstein estate near Jena.


General der Cavallerie  22.03.1868

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871

Pour le Mérite  20.09.1866