Louis Stoetzer
(01.08.1843 - 17.04.1906)
place of birth:  Römhild, Franken  (Bavarian Franconia)
Königreich Preußen:  KG,  General der Infanterie


General von Stoetzer served as an Imperial Prussian corps commander, as well as a military governor, during the pre- First World War years. He began his career in 1861 with the 32nd Infantry Regiment in Meiningen, seeing action during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. Following a ten-year stint at Great General Staff Headquarters in Berlin (1881-91), he was then selected to command 30th Infantry Division in Strasbourg. In 1901, Stoetzer became military governor of Fortress Metz, and later replaced Gottlieb Graf von Haeseler as commander of XVI. Army Corps, also headquartered in Metz.


General der Infanterie  00.01.1903

Eisernes Kreuz II  Deutsch-Französischer Krieg  1870–1871